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Lindsey Bessanson


Here is an interview  Lindsey was so gracious to grant me, hope you enjoy it!

What sort of  opportunities did these present to  you?

The Steampunk genre had always been something that I like and when I
stared working with insects it seemed only natural to take that step
to unite two of my passions. Since the Steampunk movement has become
very popular again I have seen my work go from something I do for
myself to getting in multiple galleries and boutiques within Arizona.
Currently I am working with a gallery in New York to have my work
displayed and I will be featured in an up coming Steampunk book.  ~ LB


Do you foresee any  more animated versions of any of the prints?  …
or working mechanical  interaction  models?

I am working on having movable sculptures that are battery operated
and the gears inside the pieces will move. I tried once to have one
of the sculptures move with a simple hand turned key but a very strong
admirer turned the key a little too far, with explosive results. I am
wanting to move Into more elaborate prints with multiple layers and
hand painted embellishment but time is my only hold up for that
project.  ~ LB


I was wondering if the weight of the  additions to the  arachnid and insect
bodies required special back-structure or mounting methods?

The added weight is minimal, but I do take extra precautions for some
pieces. I do have to break apart some insects, inset small metal rods
into the joints and put tem back together. But for the most part that
is un-necessary.  ~ LB


As a photographer I know images like these are tricky to  capture, were these images (from taken outdoors?

All of the photos taken are in a studio with added lighting so the
natural colors of the insects are accentuated.  ~ LB


speaking of lights –

In your “Side Show Series” the Red LED & the LED spots mentioned on
the site, what sort of  power  requirements are needed to display your
new  themes?

On all of my pieces that have LED lighting I use a simple 3 volt power
source. Some that have the space to hold 2 AA batteries I use small
battery terminals. But for some of the framed pieces I use a smaller
3 volt watch battery terminal. ~ LB


Where are you having you work shown these days?

Currently my work is on my site, and I vend 1-2 times a week in
Phoenix and neighboring cities. The two main galleries I had my work
in closed at the end of last year. I frequent Alwun House in Phoenix
Arizona and will have some work going to the Cavin-Morris Gallery in
New York City. ~ LB


Finally where do you see your self headed in the next ten years
artistically? more LED  and maybe audio/video stuff  mixed into these?

I am definitely moving into larger and much more elaborate pieces.  I
really want to star making some animatronic insects that move around
or h ave motion sensors to move independently. I will also me making
my own book, it is going to be a Steampunk journal. It is written
from the viewpoint of a young adventurer who goes out and find insects
and writes about them, and of coarse illustrates them. I home my
work continues to make people happy and still makes me happy in 10
years. ~ LB

I certainly appreciate   her  sharing with us.  Stop by Lindsey’s site to see her new projects and  offerings!  ~ the Capt.

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